Club Timeline

  • late 1800's -  Whangarei swimmers swam and raced at Mair Park Pool and Cafler (Central) Park Pool.
  • 1893 - Affiliation. Whangarei Amateur Swimming Club became affiliated to the New Zealand Amateur Swimming Association, qualifying swimmers to enter swim meets.  
  • The committee collected £48 and built dressing sheds, a children’s bath, and made general improvements to the park. The club secured the eight acres fronting the pool, thus preserving the beauties of the bush and was responsible for the Whangarei Borough Council taking over this reserve.


  • Difficult Times. For a number of years the club functioned under great difficulties. Members were seen at three o ’clock in the morning, on carnival days, bringing barges up the river and marking out courses. Owing to difficulties such as this, the club went into recess.

  • 1917 Restart of Whangarei Swim Club. 
  • 1918 Whangarei Primary School 'Baths'. The club proposed concreting the children's baths at Mair Park to improve the facility for Whangarei school.  With fundraising assistance from the club, pools were built on the school site, and used by the club.
  • 1920 Swimming Gala
  • 1928 Free Water.  The club applied to receive 'free water' for the school baths from the Whangarei borough council. The club had 60 members at that time.
  • 1928 Ladies Races.  On 4 December, the club season opened with a race night, one race for men and one race for the ladies.
  • 1929 Harbour Race.  Plans were proposed for a harbour swim from Kioreroa bridge to the town wharf.
  • 1929 Club Nights introduced. This gave an opportunity for competitors to keep fit between carnivals, and also for the instruction of beginners.  A February club night had an audience of 100 and a carnival that month had 800 spectators. 
  • 1938 Tepid Baths. Mr G.S. Reid, Club President proposed building of a community tepid baths in Whangarei as a centennial project. The swimming season was only 3 months long due to the outside training resources.

  • 1964 The Olympic Pool in Whangarei was built in 1964 and was in use from the 23rd of December, 1964.          Photo News 10th May 1967

  • 2004 Demolishing of the Olympic Pool.  The Northern Advocate reported that Northland's competitive swimmers are being left high and dry with the removal of Whangarei's Olympic-sized 50m pool...The 50m pool currently at the complex leaked profusely, was "knackered," and needed demolishing because it was "costing a fortune", Aquatic Centre redevelopment committee chairman Chris Biddles said.

Whangarei Swimming Club Logo

  • 2007 Wave and Spa Pool Addition Opens. Revamped Aquatic Centre opened after to six years of discussion, planning and building with a focus on a recreational swim venue, to meet public demand.

revamped club logo  Whangarei Swimming Club Logo