Uniform Policy


Policy Statement

This policy applies to all meets and when our members are representing our club. When training it is expected that club members adhere to the swimwear regulations.

Policy Purpose

To ensure that club members wear the required uniform when they attend swim meets. It is important that our club is presented in a consistent manner and that we enjoy the maximum exposure for the club through the correct use of the uniform.


1. Rules

Rule 8 – colours - The colours of the club shall be Royal Blue and Gold

2. Regulations

  • Swimwear bottoms must be full cover, per the providers item description and high rise waist if not a one piece. Swimwear should not have cut-outs but keyhole backs on one piece is approved.
  • Swimmers are required to wear club uniform at;

⎻   Meets

⎻   Medal or prize-giving ceremonies at meets

  • Club cap at all meets (if they wear one) unless they are representing their region or NZ or due to the unavailability of club caps.
  • Loan uniform is to be returned upon a swimmer leaving the club.
  • Where a specific meet item is provided, e.g. Northland Shirt, this may be worn to and from the venue, at that specific event itself, but not on the podium nor at any other swim meet where the swimmer is representing the club

3. Policy

  • The club uniform includes;

⎻   Swim cap

⎻   Poolside t-shirt (quick dry WASC collared t-shirt)

⎻   Black shorts or trackpants (optional and purchased individually)

⎻   Club hoody

  • All new competitive members will receive a club swimming cap at no cost.
  • All subsequent caps are sold to swimmers at a reasonable price set by the committee.
  • If funding is granted for caps they will be issued free of charge.
  • Technical Officials Northland Shirts will be purchased by the club and loaned to qualified officials.
  • All coaches will receive a free blue t-shirt.
  • WASC Quick Dry Uniform shirts are to be numbered and a record of distribution kept.


4. Procedures - Obtaining Uniform and Club Merchandise

  • A Competition cap is issued to new members who are club or competitive swimmers.
  • WASC uniform quick dry shirt is issued on first meet enrolment (Carnival Secretary and coach liaise with Uniform officer).
  • New members are provided information about hoody purchase and how to purchase a club t-shirt.


5. Uniform Officer

Key task:

The uniform officer is responsible for overseeing the distribution of uniform items to WASC members.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Identify uniform needs across the club.
  2. Keep an up-to-date inventory of all uniform stock held by the club.
  3. Manage uniform ordering and purchasing processes on behalf of the committee and distribution thereafter.