Race Night Programme

Club Race Nights:


Free entry for swimmers only - advise reception that you are attending Whangarei Club night.


Race Night Programme

Scheduled around National and Northland meets, during school Term 4 to Term 1 each season.

All swimmers must have a caregiver over 18 years of age with them on a Friday Night. A lifeguard will be in attendance but all children are the responsibility of the caregiver.

  • Race entries made on the night, to a maximum of 4, plus a relay if wished.
  • Entries on yellow race cards (see below).
  • One entry per card, each card costs 0.50c.
  • All entries must be in by 6.30 pm so events can be seeded, races to start at 6.45 pm.


Race Night Officials and Helpers:

All parent’s are required to attend and provide assistance at Race Nights. This is a good opportunity to practice for carnivals where all swimmers are required to name an official.


Roles include:

Timekeepers:                       preferably 3 per lane          

Marshall:                              organize swimmers into their events and distribute yellow cards

Runner:                               assist with distributing and collecting yellow cards

Chief Timekeeper:               support timekeepers

Starter:                                commences each race

Entries and Seeding:          taking entries and seeding yellow card entries

We encourage those training as IOT, JOS, Starter and Referee to practice at race nights rather than timekeep.



Time keeping is easy to do. We need at least 2 timekeepers per lane/ 3 if possible.


Here are a few pointers to determine the swimmer’s race time.  More details under Resouces/ Parents.

  • If two of the three watches record the same time, the two same times are the official time.
  • If all three watches disagree, the watch recording the middle time will be the official time.
  • If there are only two watches per lane and the times differ, the average of the two times determines the time.
  • Do not clear your watch until the whistle blows for the next race.
  • Record swimmers time in two places on yellow card, on right hand side and also on the left hand tear off section. The small left hand section is given to the swimmer so they have a record of their time.
  • The Chief Timekeeper or Runner distribute and collects the swimmers yellow cards at the end of each event.


Entry Cards

One yellow entry card needs to be completed for each swimmer for each race. The card must record the swimmers full name, the date and a personal best (or NT for no time for first race). This is so our recorder can easily tally club points and PB's. Points are awarded for each swimmer for each event, these go towards end of season trophies.

Every time you swim ……………… = 1 point (a maximum of 4 races per club night)

Better your time PB…………………= 4 points

Qualifying promotion times ………. = 7 points

If your previous best time is not on the entry card, points will not be given for a personal best time. The only point given will be for the swim (1 Point).


Promotion Times:

These times are for parents to measure how well their swimmer is progressing. When the 25m times are reached the swimmer should then attempt 50m. Once you have reached promotion time you do not get any more points for bettering your time, so please try the next distance.

Qualifying 25m times are:    Freestyle 27.5s

                                              Breaststroke 32.0s

                                              Backstroke 29.5s


Pool Etiquette:

  1. Race nights and Carnivals are meant to be fun, but there are rules of etiquette to help everything run smoothly:
  2. All swimmers must have a parent/caregiver stay with them during Friday nights, Carnivals, Club Champs and Handicap nights.
  3. Parents/ caregivers are required to assist with running the event.
  4. Aquatic Centre rules must be followed for safety reasons. For example, no running around the pool or bombing.
  5. Swimmers are not allowed in the pool until the Coaches give permission for them to enter their lane. Parents/Caregivers please help us to instil these safety procedures.
  6. Swimmers will marshal for races at the benches by the windows, and sit in their race order where directed, until called up for their race. Swimmers will need to have their towel with them at marshalling.
  7. When the Referee blows the whistle to start a race, there must be complete silence and stillness from everyone; SWIMMERS and SPECTATORS.  
  8. This is so the Swimmers on the blocks and the Timekeepers can hear the Starter for the beginning of the race, and there are no distracting movements.
  9. Parents/Caregivers please remember this rule and remind your swimmers, and any spectators with you, before they start the evening.
  10. Swimmers should remain in the water at the end of each race until the Referee blows the whistle to exit the water.
  11. In the case of “block starts” the swimmer who has just completed the race shall remain in the water and wait for the next race to start before getting out.
  12. Swimmers will move along the lane rope approximately 1.5m.
  13. You must not distract the swimmer that is starting in any way while you wait to exit the pool, or you may be disqualified.
  14. The exception is when the next race is a backstroke race (i.e. a non-diving start or if the Referee signals you to exit).