Simple Rules of the Club
No Parents on Pool Deck
We encourage parents to sit pool side and watch their child’s progress as a swimmer, and take the opportunity to meet and interact with other families. 
We ask parents not to approach the coach before or during practice. Coaches and swimmers function best when they can focus on the task at hand without interruption and distraction.
If you have any questions or comments, please speak with your coach upon completion of the training session.
Club Rooms
Please be respectful of any equipment found in the club rooms. Swimmers are not to play with or on equipment.  Any equipment damaged by a swimmer will be billed to that swimmers family. 
Nut Free Team Seating
Any food item containing any type of nut; including and not limited to coconut, almonds, pine nuts and cashews; whether pre-packaged or home made may NOT BE OPENED or consumed in the team seating area.
At any affected meet, please ask a Team Manager for advice of where these items may be consumed.